Jesse Adler

Using fungi to create natural colour pigment In collaboration with:

As far as sustainability in fashion goes, colour remains one of the most under-innovated areas. With a few exceptions, most of our colourants today are synthetic and mass-produced from fossil fuel. While searching for an eco-friendly alternative, Jesse found that fungi produce colour naturally, colour that can be cultivated and harvested. In collaboration with Rejina Pyo, we showcase how natural colours might look on the runway.

“I have always gravitated towards colour and its mood-altering ability - it really helps shape the feeling of each collection. We have tested different low impact treatments but achieving vibrant colours responsibly has been a big challenge, which is what makes Jesse’s work so exciting.”

Rejina Pyo

In the same way we might apply sunscreen, as protection, some fungi, including mushrooms, lichens and molds, produce colour naturally to survive. For the past year Jesse has been researching the vast spectrum of pigment producing fungi to create a CMYK palette that is so vivid and intense it appears synthetic.

"I feel very fortunate to work at the intersection of science, fashion, and sustainable innovation during a time when the potential of fungi is being recognised. Working with these organisms can push us towards a future where fashion is truly sustainable, but real change only happens when designers, like Rejina, bring these sustainable materials and practices to life in their work."

Jesse Adler

In Collaboration With: