Tetsuo Lin

Reviving lost scent In collaboration with:

Student Tetsuo Lin has joined forces with skincare and fragrance brand Haeckels to synthetically produce a range of scents from DNA. By engineering scents in this way, the unnecessary waste and damaging of ecosystems through usage of natural materials in the beauty industry can be addressed. Here will also work with Haeckels to develop a perfume range from these lab-grown scents.

“Haeckels, as a business, is constantly intrigued and inspired by innovation, while also pushing boundaries in the ways in which we think of what it means to be sustainable. Tetsuo’s work really extrapolates how we can marry those two things together. By redesigning our need for ingredients we can take away the relentless impact our industry has on nature. We are thrilled to support their work and champion this conversation.”

Charlie Vickery, managing director, Haeckels

In Collaboration With: